two designers, one collaborative approach

Eric Shew


Eric enters projects from a writer’s perspective, approaching design as a fusion of visual and verbal thinking. ┬áHe is a restless thinker and he wants every project to be as different as the client, need, and audience.

His formal education is in creative writing, but his work shows other influences as well. His parents are puzzle makers. His dad is a biologist.

At Shew Design, Eric handles most copywriting and illustration tasks, collaborating with Becca on design tasks.

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Becca Shew


Becca enters projects from a printer’s perspective, creating a sophisticated, minimalist look. Her formal education is in art history.

Becca pays attention. She listens and guides the work to fit the letter and spirit of the need. She researches. She builds plans.

At Shew Design, Becca guides the creative work, using color, paper, and texture and collaborating with Eric on design tasks.

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