mediation and facilitation services for a national audience

Combining organic and grid-based elements, the Dumas and Associates brand is about the relationships and harmonies that occur between things of opposite nature. It is a writer’s brand, using emerging web technology to incorporate a consistent typographic sensibility into multiple materials including print collateral, report templates, and the web.

A distinctive color palette is used in all of the materials which can be economically printed on a two-color press.  Additionally, preprinted report cover “shells” create a sophisticated look that can be customized using only a desktop laser printer.


  • brand identity and logo development
  • business cards and stationery
  • copywriting
  • online and print template systems
  • website and training

I enjoyed working with Shew Design. They listened to me and successfully guided me through the challenging process of branding my company and building a website. Their top notch work has improved my business. I look forward to collaborating with Becca and Eric in the years ahead.

Mary Dumas

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