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I’ve never worked with a company for a brand or logo design before. How does your process work?

In its barest essentials, we collaborate about what your brand or logo is intended to do, and then build a variety of choices that show how it accomplishes its job in a format approximating its final version. You will evaluate the work as your audience will.

What is the difference between a brand and a logo?

A logo is an image that is understood to represent your company. Typically, it is an image that works alongside a name, a tagline, and possibly other information.

A brand is a toolkit that keeps all of your marketing communications cohesive, reflects your values, and helps your audience notice, understand, and value you. A logo is only one element within a brand.

What do I get when I purchase a logo design from Shew Design?

You will receive a logo in the PNG, PDF, and JPEG formats. The PDF format will include variants for on-screen use (i.e. web and social media), process colors, greyscale, and possibly black and white and spot colors. The PNG and JPEG formats will work for everyday use where the PDFs are set up to be used for special printing applications, including things like embroidery, silkscreening, signage, etc.

In addition, you will probably also get variants for specific applications such as a horizontal orientation, a vertical orientation, with a tagline, without a tagline, etc. In the end, you have as many as a dozen different files. It sounds complicated but in most cases, a single file will handle practically all situations. The goal is to have a library that will serve you for years to come.

Why would I need to change a logo?

If a logo is not working, it may be because it’s over-designed – meaning that it is too complicated, ornate, or high maintenance to be used in a wide variety of applications. Typical situations include not being able to be reproduced in embroidery or silk screening, not able to be reduced to a small size to work in social media applications, or just being “too busy.”

The most common situation we encounter is a logo “not playing well with others”, meaning that the logo doesn’t mesh well with a tagline or address. The paradox of logo designs is that sometimes they need to stand out, but other times they should act as a supporting element.

What if I like my logo and don’t want to overhaul the whole thing?

We believe in the saying: first, do no harm. In many cases, we can make adjustments to your existing logo to make it work better. Sometimes, we can revise it in ways undetectable by the casual observer. Often, logo redesign is a matter of respecting the spirit of the original concept while fine-tuning certain elements.

Are there different types of logos and can I make choices to minimize costs?

Yes. A text-only version of a logo is called a wordmark, and it is a good choice for organizations that choose not to be invested in a specific image or icon. It’s also a good choice for a new business or organization that has a more limited budget or wants to keep their image simple while they start to grow.

What do I get when I buy a brand from Shew Design?

In addition to what is included when we deliver a logo design, a brand will include documented typefaces and colors used in your brand, and it will be developed alongside a handful of deliverables. Deliverables can include things like business cards, brochures, a website, and signage. This process ensures we are creating designs and messaging that will work for you in all your important applications. It will also help you visualize how your brand elements all work together.

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