2020 LED and 2020 Engineering


2020 provides a wide range of innovative solutions relating to new and emerging technologies that help people create more beautiful, energy-efficient, and sustainable buildings.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • business cards, letterhead



  • brochure
  • proposal template


sustainable solutions

An emerging technology, LED lighting requires a major shift in thinking about light in terms of costs, colors, and benefits.

Shew Design crafted a single page website for 2020 LED that provides a high-level perspective of LED technology and the expert-level guidance 2020 LED provides.

We created a logo for 2020 Engineering that was a close visual tie to LED. Using branding that was clearly visually linked to LED, we also developed a website that allowed them to feature and categorize their projects.

These presentation folders use the umbrella 2020 branding, allowing them to be used for both LED and Engineering projects.

Shew Design helped us create improved family branding for our 2020 companies and helped us improve and streamline our presentation process. I would recommend them to others needing marketing collateral, branding, or web design work.

Jessie Buehrer, Business Manager, 2020 Engineering, 2020 LED

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