Accelitec specializes in providing a suite of innovative, mobile technology-based products for independent retailers.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • iconography
  • illustrations


  • design and messaging


  • brochures
  • sales sheets
  • presentations

the power of independence

Acceltec’s innovtiave products made it possible for smaller independent retailers—especially grocers—to use rewards clubs and other incentives typically used by major chains. 

These incentives include a variety of features, including points returned on product purchases to online scavenger hunts and puzzles. A critical part of Accelitec’s message was that their technology provided a safe way of transitioning to a new approach to doing business—one doing away with artifacts such as coupons and newspaper-based promotions.

As this transition required owners to rethink aspects of their business that had been in place for generations, it was important for it to happen gradually. A suite of programs, icons, and product literature was created to make it easy for people to understand the relationship of the various products and services without being overwhelmed with extraneous details.

We developed a marketing system comprised of interchangeable icons that fit a universally-sized frame and proportions—a graphical stair step that made it easy to see the relationships between the different products and for decision makers to adjust the progression periodically as needed.

Shew Design provided a high quality website and brand design for us. They are good listeners and are agile team players that help us as our business needs evolve. I would recommend them to other organizations in need of a design and marketing company.

Emily Mallahan, VP Marketing, Accelitec

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