Baker Birch Bay Tourism


Baker Birch Bay Tourism promotes two distinct and unique destinations in Whatcom County. Mount Baker is a destination unto itself for hiking, skiing, and similar activities where Birch Bay is a quirky oceanside town perfect for family getaways.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • messaging
  • business cards, letterhead



  • brochure
  • booklets: Let’s go hiking, Let’s go birding, and Let’s play in the snow

environmental graphics

  •  banners

two unique destinations

Shew Design created a brand identity that spoke to both sides of the partnership between Mount Baker and Birch Bay. The logo combined mountain and seaside imagery, and an accompanying tagline (“mountain time, ocean time, family time”) added into the mix a unifying concept of reconnection with loved ones. 

The message is that Mt. Baker and Birch Bay aren’t places to drive through, but are overnight destinations that allow people to disengage from the trappings and stresses of modern living—a feeling Shew Design reinforced by using quirky and anachronistic use of type and other design elements.

In addition, we created a series of three 32-page booklets that each focused on hiking, birding, and playing in the snow. Each book featured full-page, full-color photographs from local photographers and was available to visitors free.


Mountain time, beach time, family time. The messaging concept was that enjoyment of time away wasn’t location specific, but was more about getting away and spending time with family. 

We were looking to re-brand a tourism campaign that we had been working on for a couple of years. We had some stuff that we liked but nothing that we felt was incredibly powerful. Almost immediately Shew Design came back with options for us to use and everything was really well thought out. They are able to describe the typefaces they use and why certain elements in the campaign were chosen. I have loved every minute of working with these two. If you are looking for creative assistance, I highly recommend that you reach out to Shew Design.

Rebecca Boonstra,
Project Administrator, Baker Birch Bay Tourism

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