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Blueprint Clinical helps businesses who manage clinical trials ensure that they are making sound decisions based on accurate data.


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managing risk

In many cases, the challenge is not in accessing the data but in accessing the right data, with studies sometimes including hundreds of thousands of datapoints that need to be monitored. Blueprint provides tools and resources that help people focus their attention where it’s needed.

Shew Design’s approach was to think of the marketing message and product benefit as one. We collaborated with the client to create streamlined copy that helped people focus on the right information, allowing people to explore particular subjects in greater detail if they chose.

A simple design sensibility consisting of a single font family, simple icons, and muted color palette created a backdrop that allowed critical messages to stand out when the need arose.

An asset library allowed Blueprint staff to use these resources in PowerPoints and other materials independently.

Shew Design did a great job. They created a great end result and were very easy to work with. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Courtney McBean, CEO and Co-founder, Blueprint Clinical

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