Chuckanut Builders


Chuckanut Builders is an innovative contractor in Whatcom County that focuses on creative, sustainable work.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • business cards, letterhead



  • brochure
  • report covers
  • thank you cards


committed to the community

We created a brand presence that was both forward thinking and rooted in the tradition of their craft for Chuckanut Builders.

Their brand consists of a simple logo, bright colors, and clear messages that speak to Chuckanut Builders’ knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to their clients’ needs.

To create clarity about their process, Chuckanut Builders staff presents prospects with an oversized brochure that includes a project “road map” inside. Visualizing their process with clients creates opportunities to demonstrate their experience and the thoughtfulness of their approach and builds value for planning and design. The brochure is designed with white space in mind so that details like dates, vendors, and special circumstances are easily added to the map, making this process the first collaboration that sets the stage for many to come.

Illustration by Johnny Mac Studios.

This infographic helps people understand and trust CHUB’s remodeling process. The size and use of white space was designed to facilitate notetaking and dicussions over the dinner table.

The insight, creativity, and depth of knowledge about branding and marketing that Shew Design provided to Chuckanut Builders was amazing and beyond our initial expectations. The entire process was highly collaborative and educational. We left armed with a better understanding of our own business and processes as well as tools to improve customer communications. We cannot thank Shew Design enough for the tools they built for us!

Jenny Rae
Communications Manager, Chuckanut Builders

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