CorePhysio is a physical therapy clinic that provides orthopedic, sports & spine, and pelvic health physical therapy. 


  • name change
  • logo design
  • colors and typography
  • business cards, letterhead


  • brochures

environmental graphics

  • signage
  • large format posters


helping bodies recover

Core Physical Therapy (now CorePhysio) needed a more modern marketing presence that effectively communicated the benefits they provide their clients and which would better position their business as a high-end source of physical therapy. Shew Design recommended a simplified brand beginning with establishing a single word business name. Accompanying this was a brand comprised of just two colors and a modern type sensibility.

Messaging emerged from an empathy-oriented approach, drawing on CorePhysio’s extensive experience with helping people by using language that spoke to the fragility, fear, and ambitions that prompt people to reach out to a physical therapist.

The logo is a visual pun, combining the concept of a core with the first letter of the business’s name. Circles—associated with simplicity and integration—are also part of CorePhysio’s brand concept.

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