Ecotech Solar


Ecotech is Bellingham, Washington’s first solar installation company. Their company is based on delivering meticulously designed solar power systems.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • business cards, letterhead


  • brochure design
  • infographic sales piece

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Experiencing rapid growth since opening its doors in 2004, Ecotech was ready for a brand and messaging that reflected the maturity, professionalism, and sophistication of their business.

The process started with multiple discussions about Ecotech’s business goals, its different audiences, and its process. We began by designing a clean and easily recognizable logo and brand, using a color palette that suggested sun, sky, and energy.  

We created a set of materials and a website that communicated not just what Ecotech did, but the unique process and set of services it offered its clients. Messaging and icons were developed as part of the branding, and helped tell the story of solar power.

Collaborating with Ecotech, we helped to translate their process into an infographic that became a useful tool in interacting with potential clients, making the sales process easier and more helpful for the client.

Shew Design cares deeply about quality and customer satisfaction. They listened to our input and worked hard to make our new brand representative of who we are and something we’re excited about.

Dana Brandt, Ecotech Solar

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