Packo Private Wealth Management


Packo Private Wealth Management provides customized financial planning from their offices in Bellingham, Washington.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • messaging
  • business cards, letterhead


  • design and messaging


  • bookmarks
  • report covers
  • personalized notecards


value-based financial planning

Packo Private Wealth Management needed a brand that had a look and feel of a high-end institution while also conveying their unique sensibility and the personalized attention their clients receive.

Packo Private Wealth management provides wealth management solutions that emerge from a shared exploration of their clients’ goals, circumstance, and values. We developed a brand that was distinctive and conveyed warmth and professionalism.

The brand uses a color palette of just a few colors, which are applied to a variety of stock images, ensuring they all fit together as a library even though each was shot under different circumstances. 

Combining offset with letterpress production, we were able to create dozens of card variants communicating everything from birthday wishes to consolation. Adding a letterpress component allowed us to take advantage of the cost effectiveness of a large offset print run, while allowing us to create customized, handcrafted thank yous that communicated the personal touch they have with all of their clients.

Our new brand elevates the presentation of our practice to our clients and distinguishes us from other financial companies. It efficiently brings together form and function in a fresh, professional way. It incorporates the visual elements that are important to us and more clearly demonstrates the services we provide. Shew Design really listened carefully to us and went the extra mile. They exceeded our expectations.

Bonnie J. Packo,
Owner, Packo Private Wealth Management

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