Power Past Coal


Power Past Coal emerged from the joint efforts of a coalition of seven different organizations sharing a common interest to prevent the West Coast from becoming a high-volume coal corridor.


  • brand identity and logo development


  • design
  • documentation
  • training


  • fliers
  • infographics
  • banners, buttons, and similar pieces for events


community action

Power Past Coal needed a brand, website, and assets that allowed coalition members to independently handle ongoing tasks.

The need for local communities to understand how they are each impacted by this issue was critically important. For this reason, we elected to use a site architecture that allowed people to access content specific to their location. A consistent, easy-to-learn interface allowed site managers to publish news stories, a handful of different document types, an interactive map, photos, videos, lists of organizations, and actions—the latter automatically prioritized for each location.

Intended to function as a media hub, the Power Past Coal site was developed for collaborative workflows among people working in different organizations and states and with different skills. We developed an online asset library, providing templates, logos, photos, brand and website documentation, and similar resources.

Additionally, we developed templates and preprinted document shells so that coalition staff could independently publish and revise professional looking fliers for each region. We provided documentation and ongoing training to coalition members as well.  

We created a library of materials that worked together at public events, including signs, buttons, fliers, signup sheets, electronic newsletters and more.

Shew Design is a key partner and contributor in our campaign. Their insight, nimbleness, humor, and effective messaging and design have significantly helped our efforts in elevating our campaign to stop coal exports off the West Coast. Shew Design cares about their clients and takes care of their needs from soup to nuts.

Kimberly Larson
Communications & Marketing Director
Climate Solutions

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