Spark Museum of Electrical Invention


SPARK is a much loved local museum that showcases a wide variety of artifacts and exhibitions relating to electricity, science, and technology.



  • brand identity and logo development
  • business card and stationery design
  • flier templates
  • environmental graphics



  • design
  • interface design


celebrating innovation

Formerly known as the “American Museum of Radio and Electricity,” and alternately “AMRE” or the “Radio Museum,” this organization needed simplicity in terms of logo and name.

We prompted the Museum to change its name, building materials that made it easy for them to see how the change would effect the Museum before making a commitment. The resulting brand applied to a website, fliers, posters, and large overhead signs. 

The Spark Museum’s star attraction is the Megazapper, one of the largest Tesla coils in the country. As part of their rebranding we developed a logo for this featured part of the museum that tied in with the look and feel of the Spark brand.

We were looking for a logo that reflected our new brand: bold and modern while still anachronistic. Not everyone “gets” it, but Shew Design understood and produced a stunning design. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result, so we asked Shew Design to design a full corporate identity package for us. Again, an incredible job. I think the result speaks for itself!

John Jenkins
co-founder, president
Spark Museum

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