Waycross Investment Management Company


Located in Bellingham, Washington, Waycross provides highly personalized financial planning and guidance to a wide variety of personal and corporate accounts. 


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • business cards, letterhead



  • brochure
  • report covers
  • thank you cards


disciplined portfolio management

Waycross Investment Management Company needed marketing materials that would help them expand their client base.

As a company with decades serving a predominately local marketplace, it was critical that the materials borrow from the spirit of their original materials and reflect the character of the Pacific Northwest.

Shew Design developed a brand concept that drew on the technical details of Waycross’ process and combined that with simple language that made the benefits of the partnership immediately clear.  In this way, words like transparency, freedom, knowledge, and teamwork created a point of entry to a more technical, detailed discussion of specifics to come.

Brett Baunton provided many of the photographs we used to make these materials.

A large-format “map” of the Waycross process was developed to help prospects visualize the steps involved with a Waycross partnership. Again, the emphasis was on simplicity and clarity—removing the uncertainty that some people have when working with an investment advisor.

We are very pleased with our new brand and website. It looks great, as does the matching marketing materials. Shew Design helped us get comfortable with wording that would resonate with more people and work on our website, while also respecting the fact that regulations often dictate what we can or cannot say. But they did it, and we’re very happy with our new look.

Hart Hodges
Waycross Investment Management Company

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