Whatcom Environmental Services


Whatcom Environmental Services specializes in providing regulatory compliance solutions for air, water, soil, and waste media.


  • logo redesign
  • colors and typography
  • business cards, letterhead



  • brochure
  • report covers
  • thank you cards
  • document template design


clean earth, air, water

In an industry where busy, technical-based messaging is standard, Whatcom Environmental Services competes through a clean, eye-catching visual style. The message is simple: clean earth, air, water.

A streamlined, two-color print run allows a wide variety of materials to be produced together at a reduced cost. Report templates allowed for a high quality cover highlighting either water or air, depending on the client and application.

Whatcom Environmental’s logo is a demonstration in simplicity. The elements of earth, air, and water are presented in the clean illustration and echoed in the color of type.

We’ve been very happy with the work Shew Design has created for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other people looking for marketing or graphic design work.

Harold Cashman, WES

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