City of Bellingham


The City of Bellingham and its many departments all have a need to communicate directly to Bellingham residents.

rainwater harvesting 

  • guidebook design and layout
  • chart, illustration, and infographic development


  • Save Our Water campaign design and messaging
  • water meter educational campaign design and messaging
  • Return Your Unused Medications campaign design and messaging

environmental graphics

  • South Bay Trail signage

Homeowner incentive program

  • branding including logo design, colors, and type
  • document template system
  • illustration, infographic, and icon design


information-based design

We’ve collaborated with City of Bellingham staff on a number of projects relating to the changing value of water. A Rainwater Harvesting Guidebook was a visual guide to water self-sufficiency, exploring the subject in terms of mechanics and permitting. A variety of charts, illustrations, and infographics helped make a technical subject approachable and visually appealing.

A library of icons was developed for visually communicating key concepts–including such things as permitting, stormwater, construction, and a variety of water stealing “culprits” (toilets, showerheads, etc.).

Lastly, we developed a logo and branding for the Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP), a program designed to help homeowners living near Lake Whatcom make changes to their landscaping to protect the lake. Infographics included with the materials clarified the role different design and activity choices have on phosphorus levels in the lake water.

Shew Design created a series of infographics that communicated how various features contribute to the phosphorus levels in Lake Whatcom.

Working with Shew Design, I’ve learned two things: 1. They truly produce ‘strategic visual communications’ and 2. They do their research and are excellent collaborators.

Anitra Accetturo,
Water Conservation Program Coordinator, COB Water Conservation

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