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About Shew Design

Shew Design helps organizations communicate using a combination of graphic design, brand and identity development, messaging, and strategic planning.

brand development

More than just a logo and tagline, your brand is how people see your company. It’s what they think of when they see an advertisement or logo, hear the company’s name, view your website, or hold your product in their hands. Good branding turns every interaction with your target audience into an opportunity to enhance your company in their minds. 

web development

Our web processes start by collaborating with you to create realistic workflows. We design websites to be tools that solve your marketing challenges. This includes creating resources compatible with social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter, communicating your services and policies to your audience, and creating a space for online dialogs about critical issues, just to name a few.

print materials, event graphics, environmental graphics

We are a production-oriented company. We focus on creating the collateral materials that will help you achieve your goals—syncing design, message, production methods, and audience at every step.  Our careful planning respects your budget and meets your cost requirements. Our long-term relationships with the best printers, sign manufacturers, and screen printers will ensure the quality you want on each project.

strategy and planning

Our job is to provide you with durable solutions to your marketing challenges. One way we achieve this is by providing a roadmap, created out of a collaboration between your team and ours, which helps you navigate through new product releases, emerging opportunities, and a changing marketplace.