Why Shew Design

We create brands, websites, videos, and campaigns, and we do it from an interconnected perspective. Here’s what makes us what we are:

We’re committed to growing and adapting to help our clients grow.

Our business is nearly two decades old. Our work emerges from a lifelong commitment to our craft and our clients.

We’re on your team.

We want your project to succeed. We want you to succeed. We are on your team.

We’re focused on the big picture.

We strive to take the long view, creating solutions for you that will serve their purpose for months and years to come.

We have robust systems and processes so that we can focus on being creative for you.

Record keeping, archiving, billing—all administrative tasks have been honed from years of evolution through daily use. These efficiencies help our costs stay low and allow us to focus on being creative on your behalf.

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Becca Shew

Becca’s formal education is in art history, and she enters projects from a printer’s perspective, creating clean, minimalist designs. At Shew Design, Becca coordinates and implements social media campaigns. She researches, plans, and schedules creative and production work, and handles the administrative side of the business.

Becca guides the creative work using color and texture, and she collaborates with Eric on design tasks. She listens to clients and makes sure the work fits both the letter and spirit of the need.

Eric Shew

Eric enters projects from a writer’s perspective, approaching design as a fusion of visual and verbal thinking. He is a restless thinker, and he wants every project to be as unique as the client and based on their needs and audience.

His formal education is in creative writing, but his work shows other influences as well. His parents are puzzle makers. His dad is a biologist.

At Shew Design, Eric handles most copywriting, illustration, and programming tasks and collaborates with Becca on design tasks.

working with us

We strive to create an efficient, worthwhile, and positive experience for our clients. Here is what to expect from working with Shew Design.

what we do

branding and identities

The brand we develop for you will be an integrated system that helps your audience find, understand, and value your organization and the products and services it provides. A good brand addresses color, typography, use of language, photography, illustrations, and more.

  • logo and tagline design
  • print collateral
  • brand strategy
  • media planning
  • content creation

See examples our brands and logos here.

website design and development

We build websites from the ground up to accomplish your specific goals, harnessing a combination of writing, design, and database integration. We develop document strategies that allow you to easily keep the content fresh on your website. We have multiple support options available for the sites we create.

  • Sites use the WordPress platform
  • Front and back end development using a combination of
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • CSS

See examples our websites  here.

animation and video production

We develop short videos featuring animation, interviews, and infographics that are designed for social media or integration with a website. By following a process of scripting, story boarding, and video editing, we can efficiently work with groups of decision makers to communicate stories in an elegant, economical, fun way.

  • Infographics based videos
  • Interviews
  • Event promotions
  • Public alerts and announcements

See examples of our videos here.

what people say

Elizabeth Boyle


Elizabeth Boyle Consulting

Shew Design jumped in so beautifully, quick to catch on to what we wanted to make happen, and keeping pace with a hectic “we need this now” approach. There are many stakeholders engaged in this project and they are able to wrap their arms around all the insights and ideas. I’m so grateful for their expertise, attention to detail, project design, and their overall approach to working with our diverse group!

Paul Hemminger


Bellingham Frameworks

I have worked with Shew Design a couple of times, most recently for a new logo and rebranding for Bellingham Frameworks. I came to them with the most vague idea of what I wanted and had a hard time articulating it. Within minutes they had on screen what was in my head. They do get it. The whole process was also super efficient and clear.

Jenny Rae

Communications Manager

Chuckanut Builders

The insight, creativity, and depth of knowledge about branding and marketing that Shew Design provided to Chuckanut Builders was amazing and beyond our initial expectations. The entire process was highly-collaborative and educational. We left armed with a better understanding of our own business and processes as well as tools to improve customer communications.

Joe Fuller

Program Specialist

Whatcom County Health Department

We have enjoyed working with Shew Design on a variety of projects.  Their expertise and collaborative approach benefits concept planning, design work, and leads to a finished product that is better than expected. 

Robin Engle

Communications and Development Director

One America

I was happy with both the process and the final result for our collaborations with Shew Design. Our website was a hit and we look forward to working with them in the months and years to come.

Michele Bodtke

Senior Ecologist

Northwest Ecological Services

Shew Design showed an amazing ability to adapt as they strived to obtain a working knowledge of our business goals and needs and those of our clients. Throughout the entire process of retooling our market image, the Shew Design crew was able to deliver tasks on schedule while maintaining amazing attention to detail at all levels of the project.

Riley Grant

Environmental Education Coordinator

City of Bellingham

The quality of the product is exceptional, they were receptive and thoughtful about incorporating feedback and I really appreciate their insights into the end-user experience.

Matt Lesinski

Sales and Marketing Director

The Upfront Theatre

The process in creating our updated logo consistently had the goal of being as collaborative and as efficient as possible – which I greatly appreciated. They have been tremendous assets for additional questions and assistance. In short, they’re rock stars!

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