Need a video? Here’s how our process works


A typical video design project includes*

  • visual elements that align with your organization’s brand in terms of typography, color, illustration, etc.
  • animated infographics
  • animated titles and chyron (i.e. “lower third” graphics for identifying speakers and chapters within the video)
  • music and sound effects
  • captions so that people who are hearing-impaired can still benefit from watching the video

*Filming does not play a large role in our video services, but we have a modest setup for filming talking head and interview style footage and b-roll footage.

We use a phased approach for video design that allows us to efficiently collaborate with groups of decision-makers to create videos.

phase 1: planning

We will meet briefly with you to determine the basic message and an overall approach

phase 2: scripting

We write up a script that outlines the various messages that the video will communicate in addition to notes about visuals, music, and voice-over directions. This is enough for you to get a sense of what the video will be about, and you can provide feedback about our initial take.

phase 3: storyboarding

We will develop a grid of shots associated with voice-over, music, and other details. This phase lets us start to explore how things look in a specific way using colors, type, illustrations, and photography that will be used in the final shot. As with the other phases, you will be able to provide feedback on the creative choices in play in the storyboard, and we will revise as needed until approved.

phase 4: animatix (optional)

For videos that involve complicated interaction with voices and images, we will sometimes create an additional draft in the form of an animatic – essentially the stills from the storyboard timed to work with music and voice-over. An animatic is a great tool for making sure everything is working together in the right way.

phase 5: final assembly

In this phase, we create a final version of the video, using music, sound effects, animations, transitions, etc. that were discussed in previous phases. At this point, there should be no surprises with the final video. Depending on the scope of the project, we will provide the video to you in its final state or upload it to YouTube and Facebook with captions.

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