type: campaign

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism

deliverables: logo, messaging, print collateral

destination as experience

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism engaged our company’s services to develop a logo, brand, and message campaign for them that would be used to create excitement and awareness about Whatcom County in a variety of national and regional outreach efforts.

a versatile, simple system

We created a variety of marketing assets that allowed for a versatile, simple system that is compatible with signage, print ads, and identity applications. This flexibility allows the brand to grow and evolve as new demands are placed upon it.

BE in Bellingham

Focusing on one feature alone would misrepresent the diversity of options in Whatcom County, so we opted instead to focus on the audience, using language that speaks to the interior experience instead of external circumstances. This decision led to an open-ended approach to messaging, allowing for a library of photographs and phrases (“BE daring,” “BE in awe,” etc.) to be used in a wide variety of applications, each culminating in the directive to “BE in Bellingham.”

Let’s go!

The following booklets were designed to be a user friendly and visually appealing invitation to visit Mt. Baker. We promoted hikes for the summer months and playing in the snow for winter months. The smaller booklet size made it possible to use full-page photos for each destination on one side of the spread, and a key of information and a text description for each activity on the other side. This consistent layout makes it easy to thumb through and compare activities in terms of difficulty and time required.

primary colors

secondary colors

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