type: brand, website

Bellingham WindWorks

deliverables: logo, messaging, website, print collateral

more than just a music store

Bellingham WindWorks is a locally-owned music store dedicated to providing a great musical experience for students, educators, and players at all levels.

festival posters

We designed these festival posters to take advantage of the store’s large display windows. We created diptych posters that when placed side by side in the window became one continuous image.


The challenge with the Bellingham WindWorks website was developing a framework that would allow them to include the large inventory of instruments and other products available in the store. They had a nice library of store and staff photos so we created spaces to feature those to give the user a sense of the store’s personality.

creative use of materials

We chose a duplex stock that was black paper on one side and white on the other. It is thicker than traditional business card stock, and friendly to metallic inks. In a world of full color, this use of paper and metallic ink make their business cards memorable.


We have created a variety of advertising for WindWorks, from print and online ads to posters for public schools.

primary colors

secondary colors

Kat DeVaney


Bellingham WindWorks

Shew Design updated our brand’s look and feel, and helped us organize a lot of content into a new website. The result is a website that beautifully expresses who we are, is easy for customers to navigate, and is easy for us to maintain. 

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