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City of Bellingham

deliverables: logo, messaging, website, social, print collateral, video

supporting safe, satisfying, and prosperous community life

We routinely work with the City of Bellingham to help deliver messages through print materials, online media, environmental graphics, and print advertising.

helping our community reach 100% renewable energy

We developed a branded campaign that prompts residents to make small but collectively important choices to minimize climate change. We used bright, positive visuals and included messaging that communicated effective ways for community members to be involved in this change.

helping residents be stewards of our lake

We designed a 50-page booklet that helped people better understand the impacts their choices have on their watershed. It was targeted to people who own property on the Lake Whatcom watershed. The booklet features images from local photographers.

helping our community follow the path of rain after it falls

There are a number of easily accessible stormwater facilities in Bellingham, and the City wanted to develop a self-guided tour for our community. Working with Peak Sustainability Group, we developed a website that allows people to choose a location, track their route via a custom Google map, and read information about the features they are looking at along the tour. Designing for mobile first was key for this website.

City restoration projects over time

The City of Bellingham has a long history of developing restoration projects that improve water quality, habitat, and floodplain functions. Two recent creek restoration projects included a photo station at each site where community members could stop and position their cell phone at the station to capture a photo and text or email it to the City. We compiled these photos into time-lapse videos showing the progress of the restoration over several years. We created branded intro and exit elements and developed a streamlined system for converting a series of photos of varying quality and alignment into a smooth timelapse.

Homeowner Incentive Program

The City of Bellingham’s Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP) provides assistance to Lake Whatcom watershed residents within the city limits to complete water quality landscape improvements on their property that reduce runoff and pollution entering the lake. We developed a brand for HIP that included a logo, type, and colors. We also developed a booklet design template with multiple cover options that allowed them to create their own instructional materials for homeowners.
(photo by G. Mednick)

South Bay Trail signage

We developed signage that appears at the downtown and the Fairhaven starting points of the South Bay Trail. The goal is to encourage tourists and new residents of Bellingham to explore the different neighborhoods on foot by taking the trail. A short list of activities available appears in addition to a map of the trail.

transition to metered water

We helped City of Bellingham residents transition to a metered water solution through moderating a focus group, developing messages, and finalized designs.

a visual language

We developed a library of icons that city staff could use in creating their own materials that addressed a wide variety of ideas and applications.

Keeping our community and our environment safe

We created a campaign to educate the community about the importance of disposing of unused medications in a way that’s safe for families, the community, and the environment. Our goal was to find a memorable way to communicate how often to check and dispose of meds. We chose twice a year, coinciding with daylight savings in the spring and fall. This choice led to the pill clock that became the recognizable visual element of the campaign, used on posters, brochures, ads, and exterior bus signs.

Riley Grant

Environmental Education Coordinator

City of Bellingham

The quality of the product is exceptional, they were receptive and thoughtful about incorporating feedback and I really appreciate their insights into the end-user experience.

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