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Climate Solutions

deliverables: logo, messaging, print collateral

a regional leader in accelerating clean energy solutions to the climate crisis

Climate Solutions accelerates practical and profitable solutions to global warming. Shew Design has collaborated with climate solutions since 2012 for development of their annual report, event graphics for their donor breakfast, and in outreach materials for connecting with their supporters. In addition, we have helped them design multiple reports, infographics, icon systems, and signage.

celebrating 25 years

We created this video to the story of 25 years of Climate Solutions. From believing what’s possible to stopping what doesn’t work to championing solutions that work.

annual reports

Climate Solutions uses their annual report as their primary printed piece of the year, informing supporters of the important work they have completed throughout the year, sharing financial information, and thanking all of their donors. Each year we have long discussions about the messaging theme for the year and that becomes the visual for the cover.

animated invitations

We have created short, eye-catching animated video invitations for Climate Solutions’ online events.

online progress reports

Many interactions moved online in 2020 do to the COVID pandemic. Climate Solutions’ annual report was historically delivered at their large annual breakfast event which was not held in person in 2020 and 2021. We responded to this change by creating something simpler and more visual that could be delivered as an online flip book. It was a success in 2020 so we created another in 2021.

100% Clean Energy for PNW

Videos in the age of social media have to grab a viewer’s attention. They also have to be able to communicate by visuals alone, as most videos are set to mute by default. Our goal with this video for 100% Clean Energy for PNW was to quickly provide a “101” for this campaign in an approachable and visually appealing way. Without resorting to subtitles.

100% Clean Energy for PNW website

We developed a website for 100% Clean Energy for PNW that engages and educates the community about creating a 100% clean grid through housing, transportation, and legislation.

infographics tell a story

Climate Solutions needed infographics and assets for communicating the importance of biocarbon in the “second climate solution.” We provided a logo as well as graphics to tell this story visually, using color—red, blue, green—to differentiate the three solutions and a series of icons to identify the different facets of each solution. These icons were combined with a bar chart illustration that incorporated historical and projected data.

primary colors

secondary colors

100% Clean PNW website features

Google Analytics

Google Analytics installed for tracking site traffic, sources, user behavior, and additional statistics.


Key concepts and procedures explained in step-by-step processes through online documentation.


Interactive forms that send submissions to an email address or to a secure online database installed and configured.

simplified forms

Additional security enhancements that protect the site from being hacked through brute force attacks, use of weak passwords, out of date plugins, and similar vulnerabilities.

social media integration

Social media integration in the form of links to social media accounts, feeds, or email signups.


Support options available for making sure plugin updates, backups, training, and enhancements are available and that the site stays online.

fully responsive

Works on every sized device from mobile phones to desktop machines with larger monitors.

Kimberly Larson

Communications and Marketing Director

Climate Solutions

Shew Design is a key partner and contributor in our campaign.  They care about their clients and take care of their needs from soup to nuts.

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