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Kulshan Community Land Trust

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building a community everyone can afford

Kulshan Community Land Trust needed updated materials and processes for building relationships with the community of local residents that were looking to buy a home but finding it out of reach. We used this opportunity to update the KulshanCLT brand and created a library of textures and illustrations which could be used in a wide range of materials including donor mailings, annual reports, event graphics, e-newsletters, a homeowner story booklet, and assets for social media posts.

event promotion

KulshanCLT has a history of holding annual events that are promoted in part by printed posters. These event posters are a good chance to explore the idea of community in a visual way, using consistent branded elements.

print materials

A printed and mailed annual report is still one of the most important ways KulshanCLT reaches its audience of members and supporters. Each year, the publication has a theme, and we focus on creating a compelling cover that tells that story.

a creative and reusable messaging piece

We created these Eames inspired “house of cards” to be displayed on tables at a luncheon. We created the designs and oversaw the printing and die cutting. The designs contain infographics, facts about KulshanCLT, and Kulshan homeowner stories. They were designed to last for several years and to be used at multiple events.

happy stories

Sharing stories of the homeowners and their families is a great way to educate people what KulshanCLT does and why it is important. In this booklet we present photos of homeowners when they first moved in next to a current photo of them in their home. We tell their story of buying their home through KulshanCLT, how it impacted them and what their life is like now.

primary colors

secondary colors

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