type: campaign

National Association of Community Health Centers

deliverables: messaging, social, print collateral, video

fostering awareness of the benefits health centers provide

We created marketing materials for National Association of Community Health Centers to help them communicate messages about the value of health centers, how Medicaid works, and the importance of advocacy. We have used illustrations and infographics in print, social media, and videos to make the information more approachable.

advocacy toolkit

We have created a handbook that helps community health centers connect with their elected officials and communicate the importance of health centers to their community through social media.

promoting Medicaid

We created a series of animated videos that help people understand the benefits of Medicaid. We developed these videos through collaboration with groups of people who provided feedback through scripting, storyboards and then through finalized videos.

Fostering awareness

We developed a series of reports to help people understand the full range of benefits health centers provide their communities. We used illustrations and infographics to make the information more approachable.

Susan Burton

National Grassroots Advocacy Director

National Association of Community Health Centers

Shew Design consistently produces great communications tools for our national advocacy efforts. They encouraged us to invite a diverse group of stakeholders to be part of an advisory group for each project. After listening to multiple voices, they made recommendations, including creative strategies we had not considered. Communicators across the country love the assets they have created. We will definitely continue to work with Shew Design!

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