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San Juan County Public Works

deliverables: logo, messaging, social, print collateral, video

sustaining a healthy environment and an engaged island community

We have worked with San Juan County’s Environmental Stewardship department since 2018 when they approached us to help create an island stewardship guide. We have since created print materials, developed branding, created social media content, and developed videos on an ongoing basis.

stewardship guide

We developed the layout and messaging for a stewardship guide for visitors to the San Juan Islands. Messages were created to prompt people to be good visitors by minimizing pollution, keeping noise levels low, and respecting island residents and wildlife. The publication is distributed to retail businesses, restaurants, hotels, and bed and breakfasts, and is now in its second printing.

highlighting achievements and goals

We have developed additional print publications for the Environmental Stewardship that highlight their achievements and goals. We use visuals to help the reader navigate longer reports.

creating awareness about recycling

We developed a brand and series of printed pieces that informed people about the proper way to recycle—with a focus on removing contamination from their recycled items. An illustrated superhero and a comic sensibility was core to the design aesthetic. Illustrations were created by John McColloch.

educational videos

We have created a number of videos that educate the community about the Environmental Stewardship department’s programs and projects. We typically use a combination of footage provided by the County and animated infographics we create to tell the story. More videos can be found here.

social media

We pulled tips and images included in the stewardship guide and used them for bite sized informational posts on Facebook.

logo designs

We created logos for the different departments within Environmental Stewardship. The simple designs we came up with each tell a visual story about the program. Keeping the icons consistent in terms of design and color reflects an organized department where departments work well together.

Plastic Free Salish Sea Website

We developed a website that created awareness about how plastics impact marine ecosystems. In addition, we created an interactive map that allows people to sign up to be stewards of roads or beaches and to post records about their cleanup activities.

website features

Google Analytics

Google Analytics installed for tracking site traffic, sources, user behavior, and additional statistics.


Key concepts and procedures explained in step-by-step processes through online documentation.


Interactive forms that send submissions to an email address or to a secure online database installed and configured.

simplified forms

Additional security enhancements that protect the site from being hacked through brute force attacks, use of weak passwords, out of date plugins, and similar vulnerabilities.

social media integration

Social media integration in the form of links to social media accounts, feeds, or email signups.


Support options available for making sure plugin updates, backups, training, and enhancements are available and that the site stays online.

fully responsive

Works on every sized device from mobile phones to desktop machines with larger monitors.

Angela Broderick

Climate & Sustainability Coordinator

San Juan County Environmental Stewardship

I appreciate the thoughtful way they approach each project and the seamless way they guide us through the process. They always manage to harness our initial ideas and translate them into fantastic results! Eric and Becca are great communicators; we trust their design talents to elevate our work.

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