type: brand, website

Spring Street International School

deliverables: logo, messaging, website, print collateral

dedicated to helping students from diverse backgrounds find their voice and passion to learn

Spring Street International approached us to update its branding and website. We simplified the logo, updated the messaging, and designed more professional-looking materials that better reflected the organization. This updated branding was also applied to a new website.


We built a website that includes databases of staff, board members, and teachers in addition to customized, animated navigation, multiple landing pages, and sliders on every page. The first goal was to make the site easier for families of current and potential students to navigate. The second goal was to make it easy for staff to maintain the site and add new pages and content.

print collateral

Spring Street International School frequently mails out information packets and attends events where they are handing out materials to potential students. They needed a variety of printed materials, from simple to comprehensive. We designed printed cards, brochures, signage, and a 20-page booklet.

primary colors

secondary colors

website features

database development

We developed multiple databases that streamlined content management systems for tracking teachers, board members, and events.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics installed for tracking site traffic, sources, user behavior, and additional statistics.


Key concepts and procedures explained in step-by-step processes through online documentation.

simplified forms

Additional security enhancements that protect the site from being hacked through brute force attacks, use of weak passwords, out of date plugins, and similar vulnerabilities.

social media integration

Social media integration in the form of links to social media accounts, feeds, or email signups.


Support options available for making sure plugin updates, backups, training, and enhancements are available and that the site stays online.

fully responsive

Works on every sized device from mobile phones to desktop machines with larger monitors.

Louis Prussack

Head of School

Spring Street International School

We have completed our long-overdue complete redesign of our website with the Shews and are very pleased with the outcome. They have worked hard to both lead with their thoughts and expertise while also getting to understand our mission and our ideas and needs. I deeply appreciate their sense of design, efficiency, professionalism, ability to meet deadlines, and under the hood coding expertise.

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