type: brand, campaign, website

Whatcom County Health Department

deliverables: logo, messaging, website, social, print collateral, video

local resources for those affected by opioid addiction

Whatcom County Health Department needed a source to share education, personal stories, and specific information about treatment options available locally for the growing opioid addiction in Whatcom County. We developed a campaign to direct people to a website containing resources to get help and find more information about opioid addiction.

a resource for those affected by opioid addiction

We developed the WhatcomHope.org website as a user-friendly resource for those suffering from Opioid addiction and friends and family of those who are addicted. The website included a dynamic, interactive map of different locations for getting help or picking up Naloxone.

developing a Facebook campaign

We developed a series of social media images and messages that linked to a number of landing pages that spoke to targeted audiences.

ongoing social media videos

We develop a variety of videos for the campaign on an ongoing basis, including short animations designed to quickly deliver one message.

many voices

We used many voices woven together to tell one story of addiction. Our goal was to communicate the idea that opioid addiction can happen to anyone and there are ways to get help.

accessible materials

All print materials were translated and produced in English, Spanish, and Russian to help reach these populations.

primary colors

secondary colors

website features

Google Analytics

Google Analytics installed for tracking site traffic, sources, user behavior, and additional statistics.


Key concepts and procedures explained in step-by-step processes through online documentation.

simplified forms

Additional security enhancements that protect the site from being hacked through brute force attacks, use of weak passwords, out of date plugins, and similar vulnerabilities.


Support options available for making sure plugin updates, backups, training, and enhancements are available and that the site stays online.

fully responsive

Works on every sized device from mobile phones to desktop machines with larger monitors.

Joe Fuller

Program Specialist

Whatcom County Health Department

We have enjoyed working with Shew Design on a variety of projects.  Their expertise and collaborative approach benefits concept planning, design work, and leads to a finished product that is better than expected. 

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