type: campaign

Whatcom County Public Works

deliverables: messaging, social, print collateral, video

creating a better and safer place to live, work, and play

We have collaborated with Whatcom County Public Works to create outreach materials for campaigns, including print pieces, social media posts, illustrations, and videos. We have created finalized materials in addition to toolkits that allow them to independently manage some documents.

Keeping our watershed clean

Many pet owners don’t realize that pet waste is a source of pollution for our lakes and streams and that it is easily preventable. WCPW educates the community through direct mail, trail signage, and videos on social media. We created designs and messaging for these applications.

campaign to help protect our water

We upgraded Whatcom County Public works’ informational campaign by introducing video, and updating the design and messaging of their social media and print pieces. The result is outreach materials that are consistent and recognizable.

printed guide for new homeowners

We designed a new homeowner guide for being good stewards of Birch Bay. The use of local photographs in addition to infographics we developed make the guide user friendly and visually appealing.

climate action plan

Whatcom County Public Works staff created a climate action plan that was nearly 100 pages and was written by several authors. They were looking for a design that could be applied to their content to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. We created several design options for the document layout and then created a template based on their preferences. The template allowed them to complete the document and make updates independently, which is a practical workflow for such a long document.

Chris Elder

Senior Planner

Whatcom County Public Works

Eric and Becca with Shew Design certainly provide top-notch service – super responsive and organized with the highest quality final product!  I certainly look forward to working with them again on the next big project!

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