Vandercook SP15 1967 and accessories

Vandercook SP-15 (serial no. 26680) is in good running condition. My husband and I have owned it for 15 years and have printed all kinds of self-promo pieces for our business as well as invitations, posters, and other specialty print items for clients. It prints beautifully but our business has evolved, and we aren’t using it like we used to. We would really like it to go to a loving home where It’s well taken care of.

We are asking $16,000. Pick up only, from Bellingham, Washington. The press is located in an easy-to-move location in our garage, trucks can back right up to the garage door.

Comes with

  • Rollers in good condition
  • manual
  • Roll of tympn paper
  • 15 cans inks (see photo)
  • Tools (see photo)
  • Boxcar base
  • Drawer of furniture
  • Washer bottle
  • Oily waste can

The SP15, notable for its lightweight design, is a member of the “Simple Precision” series. It was specifically designed to print repro proofs from metal type forms on specially formulated paper, which were then used to make photo-litho plates for offset printing. Unlike earlier Vandercook models, the impression cylinder is automatically in print mode when at the feed board, thus there is no movement of the eccentric during the forward carriage travel unless it is manually shifted into trip mode. The SP15 features the “quick change” rollers introduced with the Universal series. The gripper bar (simpler and lighter than earlier models) is the same style found on later Universals. Power ink distribution and an automatic wash up unit was standard, but a non-motorized variant, with a hand wheel mounted on the front form roller, was also available. Maximum form: 14¾ × 20″; maximum sheet: 14 × 18″.


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