client: Mattawa Community Medical Clinic

compassionate, quality health care for the Mattawa community

We developed an updated website for Mattawa Community Medical Clinic that includes easily updated databases for services, staff, events, and resources. The entire site is also available in Spanish with the click of a button.

website features

Google Analytics

Google Analytics installed for tracking site traffic, sources, user behavior, and additional statistics.


Key concepts and procedures explained in step-by-step processes through online documentation.


Interactive forms that send submissions to an email address or to a secure online database installed and configured.

simplified forms

Additional security enhancements that protect the site from being hacked through brute force attacks, use of weak passwords, out of date plugins, and similar vulnerabilities.


Support options available for making sure plugin updates, backups, training, and enhancements are available and that the site stays online.


Language translation services installed and configured.

fully responsive

Works on every sized device from mobile phones to desktop machines with larger monitors.

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