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It’s the first Friday of the month. Where will you typically find us that night? At Bellingham’s Artwalk. Downtown is bustling with people going from gallery to gallery, taking breaks for a drink or a meal. Everyone has their list of favorite places to go – we thought we would share ours.

First things first. One needs refreshment before embarking on Artwalk. Depending on our energy level, we might stop for a delicious caffeinated beverage at The Black Drop, checking out their feature art while waiting.

But often, winding down is more our mood. Many choices for this – including our office.

Last month we got a late start, and the sunset was the first piece of art we saw on our way to the Blue Horse Gallery.

We particularly liked the thick, chunky strokes in Willow Bader’s paintings, featured at the Blue Horse.

Then it’s down the hill to the Waterfront Artist Studios. This is a unique opportunity to see artist’s work, where they work.

Tyree Callahan’s studios is one of our favorite stops.

Lorna Libert had some large friendly works.

Along with a large friendly dog, not on canvas.

There is no shortage of interesting work at the Waterfront.

Another gallery always on our list is Make Shift Art Space (formerly the Jinx art space).

Downstairs at Make Shift, the studios open up and show some of their work. The below mural greets you as you make your way down the stairs.

A variety of work can be seen in the basement studios.

The Bellingham Alternative Library has relocated to this space. If you have never been, it’s definitely worth going to browse their shelves.

Always keeping our eyes open, sometimes we find art where we wouldn’t expect it. It appears the Granary Building was requesting some help from The Caped Crusader.

We might wind down the evening with a nightcap at our office, where we have started a small collection of local artist’s work. These paintings by Andrea Heimer were some of the first things we hung in our office when we moved in.

James Mey created this layered Frankenstein.

And we recently purchased these screen prints by Jen Dranttel.

Perhaps we’ll run into you one of these first Fridays.

Eric Shew is a graphic designer and front end developer living in Bellingham, Washington.

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