website redesign? Six things to consider.

six things to look for in a website redesign

Every website is different; yet, the best sites always have a few things in common. As you consider a website redesign for your company or organization, ensure it uses the following:

  • a clear message that creates clarity about your company or organization, what it does, how it relates to the audience, and your location
  • a call to action that tells the audience what to do and makes it easy for them to move forward
  • analytics that inform you about how your audience found your site, the pages they look at and how long they look at them, and the actions they take
  • responsive design so that it works great on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • easy ways to contact you and engage with your company through the use of clearly-marked phone numbers and email addresses, brief forms, social media links and similar elements
  • a consistent presence that connects your website with your other communications efforts including print collateral, signage, clothing, advertisements, and social media

Whether you are building a new website or making improvements to your current site, following the above guidelines will help improve your site and how your audience interacts with it.

Eric Shew is a graphic designer and front end developer living in Bellingham, Washington.

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