Thanking your clients and customers

We learn the importance of saying thanks at an early age. “Thank you” communicates appreciation, gratitude, and respect.  It’s a message that never gets old.

Shew Design thank you cards

Strangely, many businesses and organizations forget about saying thank you or say it in such a perfunctory way that it seems more like an automatic response than a meaningful expression.

We believe relationships make up all business and that saying thanks in a fun, meaningful, thoughtful way is not only good manners but is good business. An unexpected thank you is that rare, wonderful thing: a pleasant surprise.

Misty Mountain Realty thank you cards

Even better, a thank you message can be crafted to be remind people of the benefits of working with your organization and can be used to spark conversation with others.

cat clinic catnip envelopes

The latest round of chocolate bars from Shew Design help us tell our clients and collaborators how appreciated they are. They also reflect some ideas that guide our design processes.

post - chocolate - do you thank your customers

The bar designs break a few rules. First, there’s no mention of a weight, price or similar details on the wrapper–nothing but pure design. What a luxury. Second, each wrapper is actually two bars: either lime and coconut or pomegranate and black currant. We liked the idea of surprising people with a flavor combination of two bars where only one would be expected. Third, we chose a very soft, but very thin paper that would normally not be used for packaging and which would accept the letterpress impression really well. Our goal was to create a unique chocolate bar experience that would delight our clients.

post - chocolate - do you thank your customersC

post - chocolate - do you thank your customersB

Thanking your clients and customers is well worth the time and effort. Do you thank your customers? How do you say thanks?


Eric Shew is a graphic designer and front end developer living in Bellingham, Washington.

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