Six ways logo families can benefit your organization’s branding strategy

Families of logos and icons are powerful ways of connecting with clients and customers. Where a single logo communicates a single thing, a family of logos talks about similarities, differences, relationships, and choices. Families are about marketing systems and they can benefit your organization’s branding strategy.

Visually, a family of icons has one shared element that ties things together. This can be a shape, an angle, a color, or a typeface. Other aspects about an icon are different.

A logo family can be used to talk about

  1. product features.
  2. audiences
  3. product offerings
  4. related companies
  5. steps in a process

We like to create outcomes for our clients that allow them to independently accommodate changing circumstances in stride. A marketing toolkit comprised of key messages, assets such as icons or infographics, colors, and similar elements allow for wide range of approaches to fit within a larger branding strategy.

Even the logo can benefit from this dynamic approach. Typically, one logo is used by default, but others can also be used: one for horizontal applications, one for vertical, one with tag, one without. Having these assets readily available makes it a lot easier to effectively use your logo.

Families of logos open up doors to new ways of communicating to the audience, showing people that the products and services you offer are part of a thought out, strategic process.

2020 LOGOS
2020 Engineering, Lighting, and Agriculture use a combination of logos that share a common structure and colors to communicate their expertise in a wide variety of applications. More about 2020 can be found here.
Cedar Male and Maidenhaire Home Clinic logos
Maidenhair Hormone Clinic for Women and Cedar Male Medical use a common aesthetic of type, colors, and structure to communicate a variety of health care benefits to women and men, respectively.
Nooksack Valley pioneers logo system.
A system of mix and match parts helped Nooksack Valley High School create a wide variety of different applications.
CAZ Environment and Energy Services Logo
Shared colors, fonts, and images create a strong connection between CAZ Energy Services and CAZ Environmental. More about CAZ Energy can be found here.
Accelitec logos
A shared structure and shape connect the Accelitec logo to the wide variety of programs and services it provides. These shapes are mirrored in a stair step graphic that represents a progression people follow when incorporating the tools Accelitec provides. More about Accelitec can be found here.
Eric Shew is a graphic designer and front end developer living in Bellingham, Washington.

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