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thinking beyond duct tape: logo update strategies that work

Replace or repair? First, do no harm. In many cases, it makes sense to modify rather than replace a logo design.  A logo modification can correct issues that are not working in the existing logo while preserving its essential qualities and ideas make the logo a better fit for specific uses (for example social media, video, etc.) modernize the logo by …

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minimalism, trust, and some really good chocolate

Research plays a crucial part of creating good design, and so a designer’s life is essentially a never ending series of opportunities to learn. The best designers are really the best at learning. That’s what I like to say as I help myself to a generous handful of research. My third. “That’s Callebaut, 54%,” Kevin …

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an open love letter to Garamond

Garamond is one of a handful of typefaces that designers of all eras return to again and again. Apple used the condensed form in the late eighties, and it became the quintessential typographic solution for business communications in the early nineties. People who make lists of the most readable fonts tend to pick Garamond first. …

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building credibility

Shew Design - fireline ad

Thinking about structure in your marketing materials is about how you decide to use visual relationships to reinforce your message. It means thinking beyond what is being said, and exploring the how. As always, the process begins with focusing on your message, ideally your one message.  Deciding on a core message is often the biggest …

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type management strategies

Shew Design - manage type

Type is present in essentially all marketing communications. Other than color, perhaps no other visual element plays a more crucial role in building a consistent presence across multiple forms of media. Yet, type is something few businesses use effectively, with even large established companies continuously making arbitrary choices with type. Not having type management strategies in …

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